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Spiritual Meditation



Four Very Good Reasons to Join Your Local Thousand Oaks Community

  1. When you become a member of TKBC you're actively supporting the flourishing of Dharma in the Conejo Valley and throughout the world. 

  2. Not only are you helping Dharma flourish in the world, you're also committing to your own spiritual growth - making a statement in your own life about the prominent role you want to give to Buddha's teachings in your life.

  3. Becoming a supporting member of TKBC is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, retreats, day courses and special events. If you attend the center regularly, your membership will represent a substantial savings over the pay-as-you-go option.

  4. And, last but certainly not least, when you become a member of TKBC you simultaneously become part of our extended spiritual family. This all happens in the same moment! You really can't be a member of TKBC and also a stranger to us. Welcome to our community!

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